Thursday, October 28, 2010

You had me from [hello]

From the first day I saw you,
There has been some kind of attraction,
And not just infatuation.
And from the time we held hands,
the touch of your fingers, exhilaration.

Beauty lies in your eyes,
And I'm falling for the divine lies.
Every now and then we fight,
But I'm holding on to you,tight!

Love is when I know things are a mess,
But its all perfect for me, perfect for you.
Love is when I look in your eyes,
And I know [perfectly] thats where I belong..!

Its when, I wake up to your texts,
And there lies my sunshine,
My personal wonderful sunshine..:]
Its when you occupy my mind,
Each and every morning, all through the day..

I'm sure there must have been a time,
When you did not consume my mind,
But I swear, I don't remember..
We're beautiful together(:

And the best day was when,
I came to see you around ten,
And you bought me chocolates,
While you wore that tee I loved <3

And I thought I wanted a fairytale kind of love,
But instead, I wanted someone just like you..
Like you make fun of me, and when I act angry [:P],
With just one kiss and your sweet embrace,
Its like my whole world lies in those moments..

Maybe it's the way you look at me,
And your smile just makes me melt.
Maybe it's the way we can text for hours,
About absolutely nothing but it feels perfect..

Maybe it's the way you make me laugh,
And there turns my world upside down.
Maybe it's the simple things you do,
To make me fall in love with you, all over again..<3