Thursday, August 20, 2009



well, I'm blank right now...what to was boring...1st boring as always...2ND period, third language, ma'am told me I was doing good...was I...?...I was as bad at it as I can be...3rd, calculus...4Th, SS...boring...recess...2nd half...calculus again, than SS...English...and than a lecture on Swine Flu...seriously I don't need that shit...better that happens to me and I wish be granted...please...rumors are spread in class about me and that guy who likes to talk to me, in class...80s mentality have to act out someway by those bitches...they're so sick...damn, I hate em' so much...!!!



She sees her blood flow

Down her hands, to the floor

The stainless blade lying beside her

The loneliness evolving inside her

Her visions getting a blur

Her memories fading away

Her heart stopping

Her screeching slowing down

She lived, she died

She smiled, she cried

She lived in pain, in vain

She’s forgotten

And she goes unnoticed

Her tears drying

But she’s still drowning in em’

So dark, so deep, this darkness overwhelming her

Her struggles are coming to an end

Nobody cares

About the flares she faces

She’s tired, exhausted

Leave her please, in peace

She can’t hold unto anymore

Trusted, Betrayed

Fought, Lost

Feared, Deceived

Tried, gave up


Nothings left to her

She lived, she died

She smiled, she cried

She lived in pain, in vain

She’s forgotten

And she goes unnoticed

I go unnoticed



Finally it came to me...2 new poetic disasters...!!!...well, again it's about my life...what else can I write about...emo crybaby as they say, is all I'm.......................


Fall to pieces

I don’t fit in anywhere

They all hate me everywhere

Nobody wanna be my friend

I trusted everyone, I found on my way

They used me, abused me and left me for waste

I cried and drowned myself in my tears

I’m all covered with my fears

I believed in god

I believed in happiness

I believed in true love

I believed in friendship

I believed in myself

But everything was fake

You were a fake…!!!

I thought of heavens

And dreamt happily-ever-afters

I now know, I was living a lie

All that is real is hell

Which I’m living in so well

My poetic disasters

All too sad

Describing sorrow

Wanting sympathy

Dying for attention

An insult to the poets

An example of bad creativity

Living superficiality

They may say I’m emo

They may say I’m insane

But never did they tried to understand

Or To know who I’m

What’s wrong with me?

I can’t stand myself

This ugly covering upon me

Just take it all away

I fucking hate myself

I’ve got to get rid of myself

Deathwish (x3)

- Amen