Monday, March 22, 2010

A short story of my life , turned to poetic verses . .


A little girl , I was once
Playing in my mother's womb
Engraving beauty lied in my hands
Oh ! how she told me , I was precious
But now all I hear is , I'm obnoxious

A sweet sister ,Oh ! Once I had
She loved me , and used to be my mentor
As I used to be the center of attraction
But no more , all is lost
She doesn't even remember , I exist

My daddy dearest ,
Oh ! His sweet embrace I miss
The laughs we shared
A kiss on his pointed beard
Before he put me to sleep

A friend , I once had
Oh ! The most adorable one
Who was always there
But then we ended up in two different worlds
And I miss her

My love , so sweet
Oh ! He turned out to be a cheat
He turned my world upside down
Destruction he brought ,
With his enchanted touch

Where did it all go ?
Where does my happiness lie ?
Where is the reason of my being ?
Where did it all go ?
Where did the love go ?
Where do I belong ?

I'm lost , I'm shattered to pieces
I crave for peace and the love which will stay
I want to grow up , once again
Rejoice the moments I cherished with those who loved
Until they learned to hate me
Oh , this is how my fate turned miserable
And yeah , love be detrimental , forever .

- Zoya .