Monday, December 28, 2009

Die again


This blade lay beside me
the blood pouring down my sleeves
my decorated wrists
with cuts and bruises
wounds left open
of the dreams broken
metal healing my mind
the noises infecting
I cry, I die, why do I have to lie
I loved you, with all that I've had
didn't it matter,
didn't it caused any pain when you left me
and here I stay, in this palatial room
with no doors or windows
I'm locked, eternity damned
I scream, I carve your name in blood
I bleed in your name everyday
does it even matter, do you even care
you loved me, or was it a lie too
and as you told me you'd be with me
but why did u have to leave
leave me here to rot to death
death doesn't comes so easy
I'll have to wait, wait till I'm hurt enough to be numb
and die again.