Thursday, September 3, 2009


Do you know what it feels like...
When there is no one you can turn to
Your world's breaking down
And you just can't do anything
To make it go the right way
Well, that's what I'm feeling right now
My mom hates me...I hate her too
She made me hate her...can't help the fact
How she acts so much weird sometimes
And just act so much insane
At these moments like this one
I close my door
Turn on the radio
Cry my insides out
Ask myself why
How did I get here ?
She ain't even my mother
No one's mine
I ain't got any friends
I ain't got anyone
Just me going on continuously
My world keeps on breaking down
I want to give up but I just can't
There's no end to it
I just have to take it all in...face the pain...
And go on and on
I don't know how much longer I can hold on
I just hope it won't be long for my end to come
I want to escape...end this pain...end my life
End this loneliness...
I want the good lord to feel pleased today…
And Satan feel sorry...
I won't mind rotting in Hell for eternity
All I want is an escape
Escape from this World...This living hell...
And here comes the worst part
I don't even know why my dad changed so much
He used to be my hero
And all that's left of him to be is being a villain
A really bad one...
My sis whom I love the most is far off in some other World
Which knows no cry of without emotions...
No one gives a damn to care about the another
I'm not even sure if she remembers me the way I remember her
All that I know is that she is far off and she won't be here to see my end...
It seems good in a way...If she still loves me than it won't be a good sight
For her to watch at least...
Those who say, they belong to me...
Well, they are far away in some distant corner of the World
Neither can I reach them nor can they reach me...
Talking and wishing is all that we can do
No one would be there to save me from my suffocating, painful, death
I gonna bleed myself to death
Gonna slit my wrists deeper...see the blood flow
And enjoy the pleasure the sight of it gives
I gonna learn to live in pain
Show them I don't care
How much worse can it get...?
And so here I'm waiting for their final decision
Writing another piece of crap
Shoving this on their face
I don't care is all that I've got to say
Go on do what you want...make my insides die and live emotionless...