Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm just a kid...


I’m just a kid

Is all I can say

For you don’t treat me like one

And it’s as if I’m your age

Don’t tell me that stuff

I don’t wanna hear it

I’ve got my own problems

I can’t handle yours

I’m no mature

Or a responsible adult or something

I’m just a kid

Who never got to enjoy her childhood

What’s so funny about those dirty clothes…

Uncompleted homework…broken pencils and stuff…

I guess, I’ll never know

For I didn’t got to enjoy those talks with mom

And those rides with dad

Or those meaningless quarrels with my sister

I never had any of them…

I’m just a kid

Who was never loved

I came in this world for waste

Tell me if you find me irritating

I’ll just end up some way

It’s not a new thing for me

To try killing myself

And to reborn again

I’ve been through it all

You just make me face it all over again

I’m just a kid

And my life is all about

Unfulfilled dreams…break-ups…tears…scars…

What else does this World offers…?

Somewhere in the dark

I wanna see a new light

A light which comes with happiness

And will always stay…

For I’m just a kid

Who is scared…scared of the dark…