Monday, September 7, 2009

A Scene At The Temple (01-09-09)

I stood there, with all those people
Praying for their welfare
What’s wrong with society ?
All they think about is money
I started to feel dizzy
My mind went out of control
I ran outside
Shared a bench with a laborer
Well, here it’s how it goes
The thing that caught my mind
She was scared to go inside
Scared to face all those people with dirty looks
Scared to step in the temple and pray with the rich
They say, everyone’s equal to God
So why is this inequality happening
She sat there, without a word
And kept on praying
Till it all went on in there
She had her child close to her heart
Who wanted to go inside
But she didn’t wanted it to face
That cruel world either
They kept sitting there till it was over
My so-called friends came from the inside
Giving me a weird look
I know what it was about
But that lady is still a human
Why don’t they treat her equally ?
And I feel so sorry, for all those people
Who differentiate between us and those innocents
What wrong did they do ?
What harm did they do to us ?
Why do we treat them unequally…?
We are the rich but also the poor, from the inside…