Thursday, October 28, 2010


I wake up in the morning early,
Look out for the birds dearly.
This world's so cruel , they killed her,
The ghoul's rules , I feel hard to get em' .
They broke its wings , into pieces,
The needles stings to her heart.
She bleeds and all her atempts to fly , lasts in vain,
She's in enormous pain, her throat's going dry and she cries.

Oh thee divine,
Lead her out of here..

Take her to the heavens,
She'll lie there in peace,
Don't let her grieve,
Until this war comes to an end,
Keep her safe , don't send her here,
To this hell , to this grave,
Kept dugged for many years,
And her brackish tears gives heed,
To the bleeding of her heart,
Her world fell apart.

They locked her in a cave,
Oh ! She used to be so brave.
She craves to see the world outside,
But they made her their slave.
There she lies in agony,
Oh ! What a tragedy.
Was this in the blasphemy,
Oh ! This is so damn gloomy.

Finally she's set out free,
The desolated streets.
She hesitated , tried to remember,
Is this another reiteration of the past?

Where lies the lost glory of this world,
Its all so blurry , the chaotic curls.
This palnet's so cold , take her above,
End this bleeding , pleading for peace.
The grave still lies , in the open allies,
Waiting for her body to deprive from this world..
And to rest in peace for eternity,
And for her compromises which were left in uncertainty.

Ruined reminiscences.


In the darkness he lies,

Diceived by the ecclesiastical horror.

In the world , which belong to the castaways,

They came to kill on behalf of their God.

What good is he , can't he see,

The melancholy that these leave.

The cries of the innocent souls,

Never heard or believed.

These beasts who vanquished them,

In the dungeons, imprisoned.

Obscured in the abyss,

Of the insane.

All that remains,

Are the ruined reminiscences.

Of the diseased,

Those who conceived.

For mercy they asked,

With gramercy , in the name of god.

Living mandatory suicide,

Screamed in pain,

Bullets fell like rain.

What good is that god ?

And these charlatans who preached,

To kill and to lie,

Morally mislead.

When would he learn ?

The struggle goes on forever,

Until you reach your grave,

Your obscene demise , be fouled fate.



I closed my eyes, tried to hear
Out of this black mist
Your voice so clear
In my heart
Even though we fell apart

In the darkness,
I still feel your presence
Your feathery touch
Upon my skin
My one last sin

I'm lost, in this abyss
With no doors but these small windows
I'm comtemplating death
One final jump , I'll take the lead
I'll step down , and reach my dream

I stood up, from the cold ground
Revenge is sweeter than pain
And with this one last breath
I'll reach my grave
My last wish, to burn in hell

I broke your porcelain heart
Played with and dropped
Gave you away, astray it may
You thought I was an angel from above
But I played around so well, the devil in disguise

Stepping slowly, reaching out for my demise
Another step, closer it comes
I'd finally get to clasp my grave
And this final time I won't wait
And you can't make me stay

Come around the darkness
And you'll see
I look over you
From the underground
Your shadow unfound.

Her beautiful legacy..


An adrenalin rush through her veins ,
Oh ! How you slashed her dreams ,
Your own illegal means , to fulfill your desires ,
And being her guest , finishing the kill .
She takes in the bitter pill of hate ,
There lies her fate , so pale ,
To obliterate those in your way ,
And that evil smile makes her day ,
But as you say , nothing lasts forever ,
This memory would lie in the past ,
Never touched but glamoured .
In thy own way , you lie and deceived ,
And she agrees , cause you made her believe ,
And confided everything in your words , unsaid ,
Disdained her , abandoned the benevolence , so violent ,
Once she lived , so free until relinquished ,
Into something so ungenerous to say .
May he grant mercy on his once forsook child ,
As the touch of her fingers against his skin so mild ,
Why did it all have to turn out so wild .
Gilded with memories of bliss ,
All that she misses , is the love that left traces ,
And those faces , who promised to stay ,
Made her lose her way at the bay .
Heart made of clay , played with and dropped ,
Loooked down and found pieces ,
Pieces which made her say jeez .
And please , don't make her contemplate suicide ,
Cause thats all which lies ,
Underneath , beneath the shattered wings .
She clinged him in her arms ,
But he disarmed her and left her .
She grieved for his touch ,
But as if he cared much , enough .
So she lured herself to conceive ,
And gave in her grievances ,
And attained peace .
Finally demised to her grave ,
Where lays a black rose to make others sense the pain .
And so she didn't left in vain ,
She still lives among us ,
Only visible to those who suffer ,
She buffers them from agony ,
Here lies her beautiful legacy .

You had me from [hello]


From the first day I saw you,
There has been some kind of attraction,
And not just infatuation.
And from the time we held hands,
the touch of your fingers, exhilaration.

Beauty lies in your eyes,
And I'm falling for the divine lies.
Every now and then we fight,
But I'm holding on to you,tight!

Love is when I know things are a mess,
But its all perfect for me, perfect for you.
Love is when I look in your eyes,
And I know [perfectly] thats where I belong..!

Its when, I wake up to your texts,
And there lies my sunshine,
My personal wonderful sunshine..:]
Its when you occupy my mind,
Each and every morning, all through the day..

I'm sure there must have been a time,
When you did not consume my mind,
But I swear, I don't remember..
We're beautiful together(:

And the best day was when,
I came to see you around ten,
And you bought me chocolates,
While you wore that tee I loved <3

And I thought I wanted a fairytale kind of love,
But instead, I wanted someone just like you..
Like you make fun of me, and when I act angry [:P],
With just one kiss and your sweet embrace,
Its like my whole world lies in those moments..

Maybe it's the way you look at me,
And your smile just makes me melt.
Maybe it's the way we can text for hours,
About absolutely nothing but it feels perfect..

Maybe it's the way you make me laugh,
And there turns my world upside down.
Maybe it's the simple things you do,
To make me fall in love with you, all over again..<3



Deep down inside, you made a hole, poured some hope.

Brought me to this new day, buried all my grieving, of yesterdays.

Once broken heart is hard to hold up, but when its shattered again,

All that it brings about is pain with the unwanted tattering rain.

Reminiscing the beautiful agony I suffered,

Or rather the unspoilt memories which made it tougher...

Haunting me all this time, alive in my nightmares that fright,

Never leaving or letting me forget, you sure are my biggest regret.

Somewhere deep inside it still hurts, hurts to feel you beside me,

And when I close my eyes, it is your face, I see...

Forever you said, forgetting what this word really meant,

And by giving you my heart, should’ve known you were to make a dent..

I learned that you need to be careful with who you trust,

Or else, your heart will be crusted, all left to burst...

I don’t want to see you anymore, I’m just not that strong,

I loved it when you were here, but now I feel better when you’re gone…