Thursday, October 28, 2010


Deep down inside, you made a hole, poured some hope.

Brought me to this new day, buried all my grieving, of yesterdays.

Once broken heart is hard to hold up, but when its shattered again,

All that it brings about is pain with the unwanted tattering rain.

Reminiscing the beautiful agony I suffered,

Or rather the unspoilt memories which made it tougher...

Haunting me all this time, alive in my nightmares that fright,

Never leaving or letting me forget, you sure are my biggest regret.

Somewhere deep inside it still hurts, hurts to feel you beside me,

And when I close my eyes, it is your face, I see...

Forever you said, forgetting what this word really meant,

And by giving you my heart, should’ve known you were to make a dent..

I learned that you need to be careful with who you trust,

Or else, your heart will be crusted, all left to burst...

I don’t want to see you anymore, I’m just not that strong,

I loved it when you were here, but now I feel better when you’re gone…