Thursday, October 28, 2010


I closed my eyes, tried to hear
Out of this black mist
Your voice so clear
In my heart
Even though we fell apart

In the darkness,
I still feel your presence
Your feathery touch
Upon my skin
My one last sin

I'm lost, in this abyss
With no doors but these small windows
I'm comtemplating death
One final jump , I'll take the lead
I'll step down , and reach my dream

I stood up, from the cold ground
Revenge is sweeter than pain
And with this one last breath
I'll reach my grave
My last wish, to burn in hell

I broke your porcelain heart
Played with and dropped
Gave you away, astray it may
You thought I was an angel from above
But I played around so well, the devil in disguise

Stepping slowly, reaching out for my demise
Another step, closer it comes
I'd finally get to clasp my grave
And this final time I won't wait
And you can't make me stay

Come around the darkness
And you'll see
I look over you
From the underground
Your shadow unfound.


Smiling in pain said...

really awesome :) i have no words to say how much liked all ur poems.. really hats off =)

Smiling in pain said...

its me kamal :)