Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is This Life...?


Walking past the lonely lanes
I see no living soul around
Just the remembrance left with me
I'm sure there once lived some...

Thinking about all of those times
The laughs I shared with others
They, who made this,
A walk to remember...

Wandering aimlessly here
Where's my destination
What's the reason to all of this
Why am I giving resignation to life...?

Worshipping every morning
Is there any life in this statue
I keep on talking with the one it holds
Or maybe it's nothing but My loneliness,
I talk to...

People in sorrow
Living in pain
Asking themselves why live this life in vain
There's nothing left of them...

Living like the dead
Seems to be the end of the World
No moment of happiness
No time for fun
Just living
Living without emotions...

Twilight Saga

Twilight, my fav. movie...Robert, Kristen & Taylor acted out real good...I just loved it...I've read the whole Twilight saga (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn), It made to the top of my fac. book list...:p...Waiting for New Moon's movie release this November...So here's the video for Paramore's Song "Decode", It's about Twilight itself...*Enjoy*...

The Person I Love The Most


The person I love the most...hmm...for obvious, the answer is "My Sis" her to death...well, she doesn't lives with me, it's been a while since she shifted to Fort Collins, Colorado, USA and joined CSU for her further studies...she's doing Aerospace Engg. there...she left on 12th Jan, 2006...Been like forever but she visited us in India in 2007 and than left after a month as her vacations were ending this is her final year so she won't be coming this yr, I guess...but it's ok...
I've passed all these years without her in great despair...seriously, when she left I was like totally broken apart into pieces...she was like my best friend...the only person who was there for me other than my parents (for obvious)...but than I won''t have learned all these stuff being with her...I write because I'm lonely...Have no one to call my own, around...Trust no one...And because I cry my heart out very easily...LoL...Most of the time when I ask someone that if they love their sis and all...most of em' answer as
"ya, I love her, but she gets on my nerves, interferes in my stuff, etcetera but excluding all this, she's just fine"
Sounds stupid enough to me...cause that's what sisters are for...they have got to know your stuff and for obvious you should tell them on your own and all of those quarrels have to take place, somehow...the crying, the hating, the forgiving and than having the same cycle go around again and again...sometimes we used to engage ourselves in meaningless quarrels but it's worth it...but after living without her for this long, I know her importance in my life...she's my everything...!!!

LoVe Ya Sis...Mauhhhz..

Life Sucks...


Emptiness, overflowing upon me
Loneliness, giving in it's heed
Lost in the memories of long lost love
Broken heart is hard to hold up

All of those promises you made
Broken again and again
Forgiven & Forgotten
Love & Hurt
Lonely & Lost
Blood & Bruises
All Over Again

Hope he knew
What life is
When no one's there, for you
They say,
Life sucks and then you die
But when is it going to happen to me
It'd sucked a lot already...

Lost In The Asylum Of Sane
Begging, Crying, Grieving
Betrayal, Hurt, Lies
All I've concluded so far
Another name to love
Pain, To be hurt, In grief...

To slit my wrists, in the dark
To cry to my loneliness
To cry to the one they named as God
Or maybe just no one
But me

Hope he knew
What life is
When no one's there, for you
They say,
Life sucks and then you die
But when is it going to happen to me
It'd sucked a lot already...

Got doomed by destiny
Something I never asked for
Something that was not meant for me
But now it's done to me...
Dead or Alive
Feels the same

So far away, from the end
It's better to die
Then to be left out in pain
Every single moment
The mistakes, I made
Reminds me of what a fool
I've been all through
All of the guilt
Stabbing against my heart so hard...

Hope he knew
What life is
When no one's there, for you
They say,
Life sucks and then you die
But when is it going to happen to me
It'd sucked a lot already...

My Reason...

0 comments start with...I never really thought of creating a blog...until once but than I let go of the idea as I thought it won't be possible for me to keep it regular and no one would even like reading about me and about my ideas...I even made a blog, last yr. I guess and than deleted it aftr an yr...LoL...but it won't take anything if I try just some hours a day or just here it goes again...

I'm Zoya...student of A.E.C.S,'s 65kms frm Surat...been writing for years but than one day I pick on a fight with mom about my grades (stuff had been bad so obvious it won't be long for it to take effect upon my studies) and than I tore off everything and thought that I won't ever write again but than again it's the only means to talk my self out...writing whatever comes to my mind here I'm again...being me for good Lord's sake..."BEING SOMETHING"