Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is This Life...?

Walking past the lonely lanes
I see no living soul around
Just the remembrance left with me
I'm sure there once lived some...

Thinking about all of those times
The laughs I shared with others
They, who made this,
A walk to remember...

Wandering aimlessly here
Where's my destination
What's the reason to all of this
Why am I giving resignation to life...?

Worshipping every morning
Is there any life in this statue
I keep on talking with the one it holds
Or maybe it's nothing but My loneliness,
I talk to...

People in sorrow
Living in pain
Asking themselves why live this life in vain
There's nothing left of them...

Living like the dead
Seems to be the end of the World
No moment of happiness
No time for fun
Just living
Living without emotions...


AritrY said...

thats really sad! but its nice and well-written :)

Anonymous said...

good one! i just added a lot of another emo backgrounds in my blog