Sunday, August 16, 2009

Worst Week (Was to be posted on 15th Aug.)


So I guess the whole week was meant to be the worst week of the year…I’m having holidays for 3days so it was decided that I could be online as much as I want…No blocking…But than again, how can I trust my “so-called parents”…I came home from school on the 13th…tried starting my net. But the DSL’s light on my modem was not switching on, I thought my dad would have forgotten to un-block and I started to study than in the evening when he came home from work, I came to know that he hadn’t blocked it last night and something’s wrong with my modem…than he told me that tomorrow someone will come to get this thing work properly so I waited for the next day to come eagerly…mum said that the guy will come at 1pm so I was still waiting but than the clock struck 1.30pm and I called dad, he was like “I just called those people but they are still in Surat, I don’t think they will come today”…than I was like, “what am I supposed to do about this…I have to write an essay”…he was like “What’s the topic…?...I’ll get the data…I said “I’ve to write it on my own but I need some reading to do so…than he started to give his clarifications, and I hung up the phone while he was speaking or yelling…wateva…as I was already in tears, I went to my room…locked the door…fell on my bed and started crying…I don’t know for how long I cried but than I slept and woke up many times between 4pm to 11.30pm but by 12am I was wide awake…than I started studying as I had some pending work to be completed and than I opened up the door as I had "fast" because of Janmastmi and went outside to see if the moon’s visible and than open up my fast…I didn’t had anything for the whole day, not even a single drop of water…that is, I didn’t had anything for 24hrs even though we’re allowed to eat fruits and dry fruits and some other stuff…but I didn’t had anything…the moon was out something around 2am…so I had my dinner and completed my writing work and right now it’s 3.20am and I’m told that I’ve to go to my aunt’s place and do the net. work there so I’m writing this blog thing on Microsoft word and tomorrow I’ll post it in the blog, only if I get to, so this is for sure that I’m doomed for life…and the BSNL people are on holidays for the upcoming 3days…Government Fuckers…But this doesn’t means I trust my “so-called parents” maybe they have this damn thing blocked…but apart from this stuff…I need to write an essay on the subject I was craving for from a very long time…*Innovative Measures To Reduce Corruption*…anyways *Happy 63rd Independence Day*…Fuck…I still hate living…!...And I always will…I wish that the swine flu thing happens to me…and I die in less than 5days…before anyone even notice that I was suffering from it…Damn, someone or something kill me…please…?

Doomed...(Was To Be Posted On 13th Aug.)


I just came to know today that the Units this year will be taking place at the end of this month and I’m like really disturbed and tensed…I haven’t studied a single subject…It’s real bad thing…It’s 13th today…I don’t even have 15days to study and I don’t know where to start from…It’s so sickening…And these people around, are creating so many problems…Got the reputation I’m holding at school with great difficulty…And they are just spoiling it up…Fuck Em’…I never knew people can get that bad…I’ve started holding grudges against some people…I wish they never existed in my life…My life’s like living hell…I’m taking every step so consciously…But I guess I’m going to fall this time…Damn hard…No one to catch me when I fall.:(