Saturday, May 1, 2010

My favorite mistake , But I moved on.


Its not something I write , the heartbreak songs for the diseased , but I just wanted to see if I could..And so here it is . *feels weird* . |~_~| .

I hate you
For the way you make me feel
Wish I could detach you
But you've become a part of me
An important part , I must say

You're my weakness
And you know it
You take me in
And you throw me
Down I fall and you just watch

Pain's my own personal drug
Lovestruck I'll burst
Open for you to kill
Stab my heart out
And you won't mind
No you won't mind, this time

Had enough of you
Still I can't leave you
You used, abused
And now you leave me for waste

Did I say
You're my favorite mistake , I made
And I can't get over it
I love you with all my heart
But you're just giving it away
You gave it away

And here I stay
Heartbroken again
Not anymore , not anymore
I moved on
I'd take the fall , reach out for more
I'm done with your faking around
You were my favorite mistake
But I moved on .