Friday, May 21, 2010

Sometimes questions are more important than answers..


Haven't you ever felt , alone ?
Haven't you ever felt , betrayed ?
Haven't you ever been a teen ?
Didn't you ever looked for an escape ?
Didn't you made mistakes ? ( Oh , I know I was a mistake )
Escape , from this desolated world ,
And from the atrocities which live here
Those who don't give here , nothing but hate ,
Took as much as they can , from me , you see
And they left this hollow hole in my heart and it bleeds
I buried the scars deep , underneath my full sweat
And I bet you couldn't see me crying as I hide under this virtual lair
And I fake a smile so perfect , you'd barely notice the sorrow
Cause outside these four walls , I don't know what I'm , nothing but some trash
A child unwanted , an obnoxious student , a fucked up so-called friend ,
and a lover undone , so dramatic or a sissy baby sister , as she called me
And 'cause you couldn't see whats lying beneath this corpse , indeed
A soul untouched , I'm hungry for love
You hurt me so bad , and I can see it doesn't even matter
nothing's gonna change , you'll be staying the same
Saying sorry wouldn't make a difference
You can't go back around in the past and erase the scars , the bruises , they live
And anyway who am I fooling around with ? What would you be sorry for ?
For telling me that you hate me or for me not being an "extraordinary child"
Don't feel sorry for me , you know that I'm a fucked up case
Desolated I stay and I know you're not the one to be blamed
Its all me , always been , all covered up in these revolutionary philosophies
Would it make a difference if I just quit ?
Quit from this job of being your perfect kid
'cause you don't treat me like a kiddo anymore
As if I'm some matured shit And if you can't bear to see me like this
So I guess , you shall just kick , kick me out of "your" place
I wouldn't mind being a stray 'cause you see I've gone too far astray
And feeding me with those lies , doesn't help at all
'cause in reality , you're just the same as I'm
Except you get to make your own choices and you have me as a slave
And I'm sorry to be naive , but it'd be hard to bury myself with all these words
They crush my insides to pieces and I've got to let them out , so now I shut
I've always been a victim , noticed the glass half empty
And I slit , so what ? Self abuse ain't a big thing
Anyway , its so tempting , redeeming myself from these sins
And not to tell you , people call it child abuse
What you do to me , as you shut me , sweet .
And with this I end here , another poetical tragedy
In the end of these absurd lines , I do the crime of killing me.

P.S. That was me trying to write some rap. LoL . : D .