Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Reason... start with...I never really thought of creating a blog...until once but than I let go of the idea as I thought it won't be possible for me to keep it regular and no one would even like reading about me and about my ideas...I even made a blog, last yr. I guess and than deleted it aftr an yr...LoL...but it won't take anything if I try just some hours a day or just here it goes again...

I'm Zoya...student of A.E.C.S,'s 65kms frm Surat...been writing for years but than one day I pick on a fight with mom about my grades (stuff had been bad so obvious it won't be long for it to take effect upon my studies) and than I tore off everything and thought that I won't ever write again but than again it's the only means to talk my self out...writing whatever comes to my mind here I'm again...being me for good Lord's sake..."BEING SOMETHING"