Thursday, October 28, 2010

Her beautiful legacy..

An adrenalin rush through her veins ,
Oh ! How you slashed her dreams ,
Your own illegal means , to fulfill your desires ,
And being her guest , finishing the kill .
She takes in the bitter pill of hate ,
There lies her fate , so pale ,
To obliterate those in your way ,
And that evil smile makes her day ,
But as you say , nothing lasts forever ,
This memory would lie in the past ,
Never touched but glamoured .
In thy own way , you lie and deceived ,
And she agrees , cause you made her believe ,
And confided everything in your words , unsaid ,
Disdained her , abandoned the benevolence , so violent ,
Once she lived , so free until relinquished ,
Into something so ungenerous to say .
May he grant mercy on his once forsook child ,
As the touch of her fingers against his skin so mild ,
Why did it all have to turn out so wild .
Gilded with memories of bliss ,
All that she misses , is the love that left traces ,
And those faces , who promised to stay ,
Made her lose her way at the bay .
Heart made of clay , played with and dropped ,
Loooked down and found pieces ,
Pieces which made her say jeez .
And please , don't make her contemplate suicide ,
Cause thats all which lies ,
Underneath , beneath the shattered wings .
She clinged him in her arms ,
But he disarmed her and left her .
She grieved for his touch ,
But as if he cared much , enough .
So she lured herself to conceive ,
And gave in her grievances ,
And attained peace .
Finally demised to her grave ,
Where lays a black rose to make others sense the pain .
And so she didn't left in vain ,
She still lives among us ,
Only visible to those who suffer ,
She buffers them from agony ,
Here lies her beautiful legacy .