Thursday, September 17, 2009

Give Up Upon Living...

Nobody cares...Seriously, No One one even pays a single minute to read this blog of mine...well, why would they...all have got so much random work to do...I stand no where in this World...The Net. World as you call it and on the other hand, I don't stand anywhere even in the real World...Every single person Hates me...I know I suck...but that doesn't mean that you can make me feel bad about it 24*7...I've got feelings too...which are truly hurt by every attempt you people make to make me fall down...please, I'm begging for mercy...please don't hurt me no more...I just can't take it any longer...Kill Me If You truly pleased...

P.S. *Is Tired Of This Crap, Wants To Give Up Upon Living...*


Anoop said...


sidish6 said...

u know i don't ;D

i care for yA ;)

Thousif Raza said...

i donno whats come over you, but i just hope this passes, life sometimes is an ass and some ass h*** come to fu** things up,

you just have to shove a boot in their ass so that they fly far away zoya
sorry for the language, but hope this helps, just be back girl, world is a beautiful place you just have to push the hands which dont let you see it

take care and keep writing..........

pawan said...

Whoa Whoa!
I should say, you have a nice picture there!
But the post was gloomy!
I am sorry as I couldn't visit your blog in days as I was extremely busy down here!
I couldn't visit my own blog, which means I couldnt visit the others too!

But i surely promise, I'll be regular from next time onwards!


.PaNdOrA said...

keep writing it happens to me too =) one comments(i mean only a few people)


YOGESH said...

hey its not like that
we all care for u!
dont think that there's no one with u
we all even read ur blogs frequently!