Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why I Hate My Parents...?

Its crapI don’t even know what it isjust something that’s been on my mind for a whileanother entry for killing time...sorry mom-dad, but it’s true

My mom says she knows me

Well, I bet she doesn't

My dad says he cares

Then, why isn’t he there

When I need them

They are nowhere to be found

When I need a shoulder to cry

They don't even ask what's wrong

My mom yells at me for waste

Every now and then we fight for haste

My dad never listens to me

He doesn't even know what my age would be

When I was a kid

Doesn't knew what they'd turn out to be

I thought my parents were my best friends

And now I think, they're another face to the enemy

My mom compares me with other girls of my age

Well, everyone's different, did she ever heard of that

My dad doesn't like me talking to boys

80s mentality, how can I possibly change that

And now when I want no one

They ask me why

And when I say it's because of em'

They tell me I'm just a brat.


Lisa said...

THere s A Gap honey., Its callEd Generation gap.... THey think and want you to be good ., they shout coz they care for you ., they compare you coz they want you to be d best .....
maybe u find dat your dad dont have time for you ., maybe he dont listen to u properly ., maybe he ignore s you ... but its all for ur sake...
to earn a status ., to earn money ., and dats for you ...
so that you can enjoy ur best of ur life ...

hope u can understand ...

luv u..:)