Friday, August 28, 2009

Better Than Me - Hinder

I don't know whats wrong with me...I know, I don't have friends or parents like those of others but does that mean I give up on living...But seriously, every single moment that passes by, I wish I never really existed, I wish I die and rot in Hell for eternity...truly, that's the place for me...What else could I worth...This world is worst than what I would face in Hell after Death...I feel so sick...Damn, someone kill me please, I've tried it myself a million times and all that is left is the doomed exams are starting from the upcoming Monday, it feels shit...I haven't tried any exercise in Calculus and I'm damn sure I'm gonna fail... I wish I was in college...It would have much better than...I would have been in a much better condition...Well, I know I'm bugging you with all of my Emo Crybaby stop reading and listen to this...


pawan said...

It happens to everyone in the teen phase of life!
So be patient, life will change :D
And i couldn't see any song!