Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ecclesiastical horror rises,
In the depth of the modern crisis,
Long for peace, they be mean,
Does life in these voided streets still exists?

Woke up frightened, in the middle of the night,
By their screams, their cries,
Echoes enlightened, his blowing nightmares,
Could he feel the invincible life which pleas?

An illusion of light,
He covered himself tight,
The sweat dripping down his face,
The uninvited figure, shows a trace.

He's afraid of its presence,
As its encircling around him,
He's lost in a dark black cloud,
The brackish tears which surrounds him.

He's lost, for eternity,
Still he's felt below reality,
Among the dead, he shall lie,
And haunt those four walls..

As the darkness falls again.