Sunday, August 30, 2009

Don't Leave Me...

Well, my exams starts tomorrow...I won't be able to make any entry for 9days...Damn, I'll miss it so much...Tomorrow's 3rd language...and I'm gonna fail, I know catch ya people entry for August...

Don’t leave me here,
I’m begging you to take me with you!
I can’t stand this solitary darkness,
I’m lost in a world of shadows.
They have no warmth,
No tender embrace.
Just cold clutches and silent glances.

Don’t leave me here,
I’m begging you to talk to me!
I can’t bear to listen to the pulse of my blood,
The tapping of my heart on my chest.
I’m only alive enough to breathe,
But dead enough to be numb.
It’s just enough to remember
I’m empty, hollow and scared.

Don’t leave me here,
I’m begging you to love me!
I can’t cry until you’re here,
Until you tell me I’m real enough to cry. .
I don’t deserve the satisfaction of
Justification of my own faults.
I’m guilty of more than you know.
But don’t leave me with these
Flaws, they intensify
They magnify with loneliness.

Don’t leave me here,
I’m begging you to save me!
I just want you to hold me close,
And tell me that it was all a bad dream,
And now I'm here to take care of you,
To pet my hair and calm my heart,
Tell me i’m not perfect
and i don’t have to be.
Tell me i’m lovely.
Tell me my fears are shallow
and have no root.
and tell me you won’t leave me,ever

Tell me you won’t learn to hate me,
As i have.
Tell me you won’t desert me,
As others have.
Tell me i don’t have to be lonely ever again...


pawan said...

All the best for your exams!
Be positive, that will lead to better grades in your report card!
And you won't fail :D

Lisa said...

BEst wishes for ur eXams dear...

All u NEed is A true Friend... wid one whom u can share ur feelings and who could understand you ... i hope and wish i could be one .. Luv u